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#LocalAuthorities & #CivilSociety as MULTIPLIERS to raise awareness and engage #CITIZENS. Promoting Development Education & Awareness Raising (#DEAR)

LADDER, a 3-year project co-funded by the EU, and manage by ALDA - Association of Local Democracy Agency seeks to enhance the action of Local Authorities for Development Education and Raising Awareness in the EU & the European Neighborhood. Local Authorities, in cooperation with Civil Society, have a considerable multiplier capacity and become drivers for change. The final beneficiaries of LADDER are ordinary citizens, enhancing their awareness on global issues, promoting their engagement in global challenges & poverty eradication & leading to a change of attitudes. In addition to all its activities of capacity building and awareness raising across the countries involved (both EU & nonEU), LADDER has also 6 thematic priorities and 3 geographical dimensions (in addition to the actions at EU level) in which local actors are set to work on, as follows: Thematic Paths and Geographical Paths.

These are the numbers of the project:

46 stakeholders: 27 partners & 19 associates, coming from 18 EU and 17 non EU-countries are part of LADDER

3 Geographical Paths: - MED Mediterranean area, - South Eastern Europe, - Eastern Partnership

6 Thematic Paths: - Youth in development, - Migration, - Citizens’ participation in development, - Public-private cooperation in development, - Environmental and sustainable development, - European Year for Development & follow up

1 major challenge: Development Education & Awareness Raising (DEAR)

36 months of work: The project started in January 2015 and will end in December 2017

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Project co-funded by
the European Union

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