Final Recommendations

During the three years of SAME World project, three international exchanges among teachers, professors, students and NGOs were realized, in Milan (21st- 22nd of October 2015), Tartu (26th -27th October 2016) and Sintra (25th - 27th October 2017). These meetings aimed at improving the exchange of experiences between educational institutions (schools and universities) and relevant authorities*. They also aimed at promoting policies on the introduction in school curricula of the topics of Environmental Justice Climate Change and Environmental Migration.

The Recommendations are addressed to Educational Authorities and Civil Society at large. You may see some images from our semianrs in the following video, art of our social media campaign. Be part of it and share it! We hope they will be of inspiration for the institutions, teachers and educators, and that all the tools realized by SAME World project may support them in the demanding task of preparing the youth for the challenges of our time.

Click here to download Final recommendations.

#sameworld project recommendations

on the inclusion of environmental or climate justice topics in school curricula. Share the video and join our campaign for a better future!

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