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Environmental justice

We live in the same world and we should share the same benefits and burdens.. but it's not like that.. still!

We share the same world… do we??


Environmental migrations

Climate change and environmental justice force people to leave their homes.. but often in hosting Countries they only meet indifference or walls.

We all live in the same planet and should have the right to seek the best living conditions.. or not?


Climate Change

The effects of climate change hit most those who less contributed to it..

We all share the same effects of the climate change.. do we??


80 shades of green: my classroom plays sustainable!

Share your educational best practices and win a trip to Sintra (Portugal)

by participating in the #sameworld #contest, deadline 18th of June 2017.


Do you want to get a glimpse of what the #future looks like?

Welcome in 2099...where everything has changed!
Are you ready to face the #challenges of an (Im)perfect future and travel back in time to #changeclimatechange?
Get ready to play the #puzzlegame→
#sameworld #timetravel #savetheworld #indiegame 

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