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on the inclusion of environmental or climate justice topics in school curricula. Share the video and join our campaign for a better future!

How do you imagine a #sameworld for all?

What can we do to create a more equitable world?
Find out what we people from across the EU and beyond think:
#education #equality #weareallmigrants #changeclimatechange

How do you want your world to be in 2016?

Last year people came together to campaign for #changeclimatechange and #refugeeswelcome, but what about this year? Will we see a #sameworld for all soon? 

Meet the ‘Green Voices’, and find out how they are combating #climatechange!

Check out how you can make a difference with #education activities from the #sameworld kit :

Read the #GreenVoices real life story in @elpais:

This is the first in our series of videos about #environmentaljustice #migration #sustainability with inspiring stories from around the globe. Check our website for updates:

What is an environmental or climate refugee?

A person with the right to claim asylum because they had to leave their home due to environmental causes.

This is however not a recognized right, even though it is a need many people across the globe share.

One painful example is Bangladesh, where rising sea water is contaminating the earth and taking away people's livelihood. But across the globe every day more people suffer the impact of climate change.

Let's #changeclimatechange and recognize #humanrights and create a #sameworld for all.


The people won! The struggle continues…
In July 2017 the Agua Zarca Dam Project was stopped. Funders retracted after years of lobbying by COPINH and others. A small victory, as many were assassinated during this fight for environmental justice: Lesbia Yaneth, Berta Cáceres, Nelson García...
and the struggle continues in many parts of the world.

Read more about how to raise awareness for a #sameworld :

+info about the dam project:

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