Sustainability Awareness Mobilization Environment

Main Focus

Transversal issues

Equity between North and South of the World (environmental debt); conflict among the present development model and human rights; gender approach.

Causes of environmental injustice

Climate changes and life-styles Chosen instrument of contrast: alternative energies, critical consumption.

Environmental injustice effect

Environmental migration, (environmental refugees..) Chosen instrument of contrast: global citizenship practices to promote a change of attitude towards migrant citizens (in particular environmental migrants).

Raising S.A.M.E. World

The S.A.M.E. WORLD project (SUSTAINABILITY. AWARENESS.MOBILIZATION.ENVIRONMENT in the global education for EYD 2015) was born with the aim to raise students and teachers' awareness on the interdependence between Europe and DCs with a focus on Environmental Justice and on the mobilization in favour of a sustainable way of living for a decent life for all. Its main idea is to encourage critical understanding and active citizenship practices relating to specific Global learning issues: climate changes and migrations.

Here on the side the main project output progress. Follow our updates.

  • Educational Kit

    Started the design and the content production.

  • Multilingual platform

    Draft design and development.

  • Role Playing Game

    Starting the concept design.

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