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General Objectives

To raise students and teachers’ awareness on the interdependence between Europe and DCs with a focus on Environmental Justice and on the mobilization in favour of a sustainable way of living for a decent life for all.

Specific Objectives

To encourage critical understanding and active citizenship practices relating to specific Global learning issues: climate changes and migrations.
The main purpose of this proposal is to promote GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CITEZENSHIP (climate friendly practices and cultural/change of attitude toward immigrants) that means to represent climate change not only as an environmental issue but a moral one (human rights based approach). Promoting sustainable behaviour is a critical part of society’s response to climate change.
Behavioural choices in fact have a substantial impact upon emissions, energy and water use, and waste produced. It is undeniable that citizens’ participation is a key tool to help communities to make better decisions being engaged to contribute to Climate Changes (CC) mitigation in their everyday activities. Sustainability means engaging directly with the question of human behaviour, social attitudes and moral values. The key to promoting meaningful changes in sustainable behaviour is to nurture and develop a sense of environmental identity and global citizenship.

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Project co-funded by
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