Theater Play

“Deep water” is the theatre show realized by CIES Onlus within the SAME World project. The show is one of the sensitization and educational activities carried out by the SAME WORLD partnership with the aim to actively involve citizenship and students.

"Deep Water" was conceived as an interactive performance that calls for the active participation of the audience, and revolves around on the topic of environmental justice.ts first version was staged on the 20th October 2015 at Cascina Triulza (Auditorium) with different repeat performances on the same premises and also in Rome, Villa San Giovanni and recently in Udine, Trieste and Venezia.The show was adapted to different regional and National contexts and was put on stage with different companies also in Milan (Istituto Oikos), Hungary (Artemissziò Foundation) and Germany (Arche-Nova). The Slovenian partner Humanitas chose to adapt a previous interactive theater play realized by Cies (One-way ticket) to realize an interactive play on the present refugees’ crisis “Through the refugee’s eyes” which met a great success of public.

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