COP23 - Day 5: Progress in tough talks

As the first week of negotiations is drawing to an end, pre-2020 action, the facilitative (Talanoa) dialogue, and transparency in the Paris rulebook have proven to be the most contentious issues in Bonn. Emerging nations have pushed the topic of pre-2020 action, i.e. immediate climate mitigation efforts that should be undertaken in particular by industrialised countries that are obliged to combat climate change under the Kyoto Protocol. #cop23 #climatechange #sameworld

“This has been a concern with emerging nations for years. They reason that industrialised countries have to make decarbonisation commitments first”, Kowalzig said. If this were not the case, and after 2020 all countries join in the climate change mitigation effort, the whole world would clean up the mess that the industrialised countries created. Meanwhile, the EU and US are pointing out that pre-2020 action is already discussed in several other agenda items and the Bonn schedule is busy as it is. To read more please click here

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