What caused Hurricane Irma? Did climate change cause this Category 5 tropical storm?

Climate change didn't cause the deadly hurricane. But it did make it more horrifying. Scientists say that asking whether global warming was the reason for the extreme weather is the wrong question. Instead, we should be focusing on how global warming has helped turn the hurricanes into even more destructive forces than they ever would have been before. #hurricaneirma #hurricaneharvey #climatechange #sameworld

"For climate change, it’s important to note that climate change has already caused higher sea levels, so any storm surge is happening on top of a higher initial level, leading to more coastal flooding," said Chris Holloway, a tropical storm expert at the University of Reading. "Also, climate change leads to increased rainfall for a storm of a given strength, leading to increased freshwater flooding.  Climate change also likely increases the probability of storms reaching an extremely high intensity."  To read more please click here

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