Sameworld video workshops 

Sameworld workshops held in Italy, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Bulgary, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estony

Sameworld video workshops trailer

The Sameworld project was held in Italy, Spain, Ungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Estonia and involved schools, teachers, associations, NGOs, local institutions and professionals. In addition to the workshops, flashmobs were held to raise awareness on the issues of environmental justice, environmental migrants, climate change

Sameworld video workshop Portugal

Sameworld workshops held in Portugal by Associação de Professores de Sintra

Sameworld video workshop Greece

Sameworld video workshop held in Greece by CTI

Sameworld video workshop Germany

Sameworld video workshop held in Germany by Arche-nova

Sameworld video workshop Italy

Sameworld video workshops held in Italy by CIES Onlus, Oikos, CEVI, Ponti Pialesi, LTM

Sameworld video workshops Spain

The Sameworld workshop held in Spain by CEPS Projectos Sociales.

Sameworld video workshop Estony

The work done in schools by PEIPSI CTC for Sameworld Project

Sameworld video workshop Slovakia

The work done in schools by SCCD for Sameworld Project

Sameworld workshop Slovenia

Sameworld Workshop held in Slovenia by HUMANITAS

Sameworld workshop Hungary

Sameworld Workshop held in Hungary by Artemisszió Foundation

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