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Belgian scientists turn polluted air int …

14-06-2017 News from the World

The tiny device uses two 'rooms,' separated by a membrane, to purify air and generate power simultaneously.

The Global Reaction to Trump's Climate C …

01-06-2017 News from the World

Nations like China and India remain committed to the Paris climate change agreement—with or without the U.S.

Centocelle park and Villa de Sanctis. Ur …

17-05-2017 News from the Project

With "Associazione Ecomuseo Casilino" we brought the students from the italian course of the association Passaparola to the Centocelle park and Villa de Sanctis


02-05-2017 News from the World

f2 Fotofestival Dortmund - The Exhibition.

SAME World meeting in Rome

13-04-2017 News from the Project

Three intense days of sharing and planning for the SAME World partnership!

Observatory against Environmental Injust …

05-04-2017 News from the Project

The boys and girls of Colombo school in Rome identified 20 cases for the observatory against environmental injustice. Here some shot!

Schooling the World (2010)

03-04-2017 News from the World

There are many ways to colonize or subdue a people. This sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing documentary shows the effects of modern education on the world's last sustainable indigenous cultures.

Tesla Flips the Switch on the Gigafactor …

14-03-2017 News from the World

Musk meets a deadline: Battery-cell production begins at what will soon be the world’s biggest factory—with thousands of additional jobs.

Free training for teachers

07-03-2017 News from the Project

Our free training for teachers. Here a blended course that has already started, organized by our partners Istituto Oikos Onlus in #Milan 
#education #sameworld #environmentaljustice

New map reveals the world’s most toxic …

27-02-2017 News from the World

Check out how your country ranks on this new map about the most toxic countries in the world. #sameworld #humanrights #naturerights Thanks to Inhabitat

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