III International SameWorld Seminar Presentations

During the III International Same World Seminar we have listened to some very interesting and inspiring contributions. In this page you can have more info about the speakers and have access to the presentations. 

Felipe Duarte Dos Santos

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Read his presentation here: The Challenges of Climate Changes in the 21st Century

Filomena Djassi 

Aga Khan Fundation

Watch her presentation here: Sustainable development and cultural diversity

Gudrun Goretzki and Ralf Seifert

Teachers, Germany

See their presentation here: Climate change as a topic in German schools

Ciril Jazbec

Documentary photographer, Slovenia

See his photos here: http://www.ciriljazbec.com/

1st High School of Metamorfosis, Greece

Winner of the 1st Same World European Contest

Watch their practice here: 1st High School of Metamorfosis Contest prize awarding for Schools Best Practices

Look at the 1st Same World European Contest here: 1st SAME World European Contest

Teresita Gravina

Professor at Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy

See her presentation here: Scientix: the community for STEM teachers in Europe

Joe Kioko and Cornelius Kyalo 

Non-European Project Associate Africa Sand Dam Foundation, Kenia

See their presentation here: Migrations as a result of environmental injustices in arid and semi-arid lands of Africa

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