Amazing success of the theatre play “Through the Refugee's Eyes”

Have you ever asked yourself how does it really feel like to be a refugee? Let’s say as one of the refugees on the so-called “Balkan route” to Europe? To be cold, afraid and wet on a boat crossing the Mediterranean see in the middle of the night?

To be scared of not knowing what is going to happen next? To be caught by the police and taken hungry and thirsty to a reception centre, where you are forced to sit on dirty floor? Not to be let to the toilet? To feel the hate speech on your own skin? To be yelled at? To be fingerprinted and not being able to understand a word of the legal decision you were given?

Over 400 people throughout Slovenia, mainly pupils from primary and secondary schools, were able to experience the above situations in an interactive experiential theatre play named “Through the Refugee's Eyes”. In the play, performed by the Slovenian SAME WORLD partner, the Society Humanitas, the participants were given the identity of refugees and the possibility to experience the Balkan route on their own skin. The play was based on real scenes and true dialogues, reported by humanitarian workers and asylum seekers. At the end of the play the audience was given the opportunity to meet the real people behind the stories they have experienced.

The response of the pupils, teachers and the general public was absolutely amazing – see it for yourself and read the words that they devoted to the refugees after the show:

"To read a story is one thing, to hear it first-hand is another, to experience it on your own skin is a class apart! I wish these people all the best in life."

"After this experience I am going to fight for the human dignity of every refugee."

"I sympathize with them…. I wish this war ends as soon as possible and everyone has their rights - home, family, and peace."

"The journey itself and the feelings during the journey are really horrible and sad. Now I have even more respect for the people who have gone through this."

"I have really underestimated this and have imagined it much easier."

"I would like to let them know that they should not surrender and not give up."

"I'm very sorry for what happened to you. In this play I was in your skin and realized that it hasn’t been easy for you…. I hope you quickly organize your life."

"You really have to be brave to survive this and after such an experience live a new life, although far away from home."

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